Your First Move....

The first move you do in starting a new dream home build is making a phone call.  Here at Ottawa Carleton Construction we will guide you through ever step.  First by meeting with you and fully understanding your ideas and vision for your new home. We will help your dreams come true on paper and real life. Our step by step process is proven and simple.

We pick a location that works for you… (or if you have your own property).  We will introduce our in-house architect and your ideas will be put to paper.

Permits and other licenses will be obtained before any construction is started. When designs and construction costs for the build meet your full approval, we will begin making your dreams come true.

We will help you pick out everything from start to finish. From windows, doors, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, security right through to all your landscape ideas.

Our Staff....

Our staff is well informed with what’s up to date with all the new materials ( Eco Friendly) and future designs.

We are also very easily available for your piece of mind. At any giving moment if you as our client have a question, just call. Easy as that.

Our turnaround time is always within your expectations of completing the project. And finally the dream of opening your front door to your future.